Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Official Introduction

Every blog needs an intro so this becomes the intro to Prophet Within.

My spiritual journey is probably not unique, but hopefully together we will come to some insights that help everyone in their own journey to God. Or Allah. Or the Great Spirit. Or whatever name you have assigned to the Universal Consciousness.

I was born and raised Catholic and, as such, my label for such is God. However, during the course of this blog, you will see them all, and others, used interchangeably. Nearly a year ago in conversations with some Native American guests, they imparted one of the great, simple truths of our existence. No matter what path you take, we are all looking for the Great Spirit and what is the Great Spirit? The root answer is God.

Further, during my upbringing, an incredible number of answers were given in the teachings of my church. However, I was so wrapped up in my own idea of myself and how the world was built to serve me, that I couldn't see them as answers.

But recently, I have learned to separate my ego from my real essence. I have Eckhart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey to thank for that. If you only read one more book for the rest of your life, pick up A New Earth. As an Oprah Book Club selection and an Oprah.com teaching seminar, my eyes were opened to see what was already there. The daydream that my ego had me locked into went away when my true self awakened. When that happened, the world I had known changed and now I live in joy every single day.

That's the purpose for Prophet Within. Through this blog and the community I hope to set up here, we will go beyond our own narrow definitions of life and expand understanding so that everyone can unleash their Prophet Within.

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