Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Spirituality of the iPhone Frenzy

The iPhone rush is nothing short of amazing. It's seems like when Apple puts out a new product, like the MacBook Air or, in this case, the iPhone, a loyal legion of those who will buy anything Steve Jobs gives his blessing to manufacture, will wait hours or days to be the first on their block to have one. The last iPhone rush was exactly like the most recent one because those in the Apple Army were told this new one is not only better than the first generation, but it's cheaper, too.

But it occurs to me that what those people are doing is in direct contradiction to what I understand to be the present moment and to what Immanuel Kant said about time. The shorthand of it is that time is not an event or thing and therefore cannot be measured. Eckhart Tolle describes it as the past and the future being egoic structures, and the only moment is the present moment. The ego creates the mental imagination for us to believe that there is past and future.

Difficult to wrap your head around? Same here. Then I recently saw a rerun of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 in which mystical beings called "The Prophets" (yeah, I know - how ironic is that) capture and speak to the main character and quiz him about the human experience with linear time. That is, how events happen one right after another in the human perception because they, The Prophets, don't experience life like that. They were as confused about our version of time as we are of the concept the only involves the present moment.

Since our ego constructs linear time, is it, then, our ego that keeps us from seeing anything else as a means of self preservation? That's a question for the scientists. Did Kant understand the power of the present moment? Can that be where his theory of time developed? And if so, can we think of him, not only as a scientist but as a spiritual figure? Can science also be considered spiritual? If the pursuit of scientific knowledge is to explain things, can those discoveries bring us closer to the universal truth and consciousness?

I am filled with questions as I seek the answers.

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