Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Talk Radio in America

Talk radio in America is in trouble.

I’ve been listening to various shows over the last few weeks and the negativity being spewed has been more and more strident because they are competing against something that they don’t understand: hope.

This is not, and will never be, a political blog. However, ever since Barack Obama became the presumptive (their word) Democratic candidate for President, the fear mongers are now afraid for the preservation of their egos.

Obama is on the stump, telling people to have hope. He’s telling people that a positive thought process is a way out of the mess that our current ego-centric political leaders have gotten us into. Is Obama the perfect candidate? Absolutely not. He has shown a tendency to react from his ego and not his true consciousness when he is attacked, particularly on a personal level.

But what Obama represents is someone who may understand that the politics of the ego have taken America down the path to a war with a country that did not attack us, a banking scandal that was fueled by the greed of a few unscrupulous CEOs and 4 dollar gasoline from an administration that has an energy policy that they’ve kept hidden from the public.

Meanwhile, the talking heads have been trying to convince the public that Obama is a Muslim (he’s not, but who cares if he is), is soft on the war (remember, Iraq didn’t attack us) and is that one epithet they love to throw around: a liberal (backing policies that are designed to help people).

Decide for yourself, of course, based on your own enlightened consciousness. I’ve voted on those radio shows by using the off button.

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