Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Throwing Rocks in the Stream

The mind. An onrushing stream of dialog leading from one thought to another in an effort to get you to identify with the ego, instead of your true inner self. How many of us have quoted Rene Decartes', "I think therefore I am."

How wrong we are.

According to the teachings of "A New Earth" and "The Power of Now," Eckhart Tolle says that the most common roadblock to becoming your true self and understanding your true standing within the nature of the universe, is that incessant chatter that kicks around in your brain without a break. If you could give your ego human characteristics, would you say that your ego is afraid of being exposed as a fraud.

But how many rocks are you throwing into the mind-stream? How many times are you focusing yourself on the present moment and interrupting the babbling brook of ego? Have you thought about how you can come into the now so intensely that you feel the joy of your own consciousness?

Tolle gives us exercises to quiet the thoughts that don't seem to want to shut up. One of the most basic and one that you can do nearly anywhere is to spend some time focusing on your breath. Since the mind cannot intensely concentrate on two things at the same time, focus on the inhalation and exhalation of your breath. The chatterbox monologue will fall away and you can experience the pureness of being. If this is not something that you've done before, you will notice the stillness and quiet power of being. There is joy there as you move away from mind identification and become your true consciousness.

It is important to say that you experience your consciousness because this is not an exercise in passivity. No part of this exercise involves being unconscious. Even more so, when you are focused on the present moment, you are hyper alert. Being in the now will open you up to more possibilities than you may have previously known possible. When we're lost in our minds, we are conditioned to react by what we've experienced in our past. By being present, creativity, joy and beauty can be seen and experienced in a true way.

So keep throwing those rocks in the stream.

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