Friday, July 18, 2008

What Would George Do

What does George Clinton know that we should?

George Clinton is the outer-space crazy funk creator who leads the bands Parliament and Funkadelic as well as his own solo projects and spin offs. Clinton has put together album collections with wildly creative titles like "Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome," "Motor Booty Affair" and "Gloryhallastoopid." The man who invented characters like Starchild, Dr. Funkenstein and Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk.

If you do a Google search, you will see George in the entertainment sense and wonder what types of street pharmaceuticals are at work. But if you study the work, certain concepts start to sound familiar. As a lifelong fan, the old P-funk albums still resonate in my brain, but now with my study of conscious spirituality, I'm starting to think that Dr. Funkenstein may have known what he was doing with the music while trying to lead people to a spiritual awakening.

For example, on "Mothership Connection," Starchild brought the "Funk" which caused our creation and is the source of our life and our energy, to the people. Could that be interpreted as the role of Buddha, Moses, Jesus or Mohammad? Aren't those figures (and many others) considered to be the the bringers of the word from God to the world? Aren't they considered great teachers and interpreters of their religious doctrine?

Okay, so that is an easy and obvious parallel to draw. How about this. On "The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein" it is revealed that the answers have always been here, but they've been locked away until man was ready. When you read "The Secret" or "A New Earth," didn't you feel like certain answers were finally being revealed to you, as if at this point in your life, you were ready for those answers? In Clinton's terms, you left the Zone of Zero Funkativity and entered Funkentelechy, or love for all mankind.

The Funkadelic album "Free Your Mind...And Your A$$ Will Follow" teaches that materialism and consumerism are the ruination of of all that is good in society. Have you ever said that to yourself when you noticed that television and radio are playing longer and longer sets of commercials? Or when you paid 10 bucks to get into a movie only to watch 15 minutes of commercials? If you have young children, do they have any clothing that is not designed to market cartoon characters or clothing labels? Gas guzzling SUV's, large houses, flaunting one's bling are all symptomatic of the issue.

And consider the Funkadelic album "Maggot Brain" which speaks of the hope for love and brotherhood; peace is the only way and war is insanity. As the album ends, it seemingly depicts an armageddon between the forces of good versus evil.

Nice to know I learned a few things about life while I was shaking it up on the dance floor.

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