Thursday, August 28, 2008

Supporting Clinton, Obama and McCain

In watching the Democratic National Convention, all the news channels are in their 24 hour coverage mode so they're doing all they can to spice it up a bit. You've seen those pieces, I'm sure. When they don't have anything new, they talk to anyone they can get to appear before the cameras, whether they are part of the story or not. It used to be a way to take the temperature of the man or woman on the street. Now, there's a producer yelling into an assistants earpiece saying that they need something new so they can feed the voracious news cycle.

I won't name the network I was watching, but they made sure to talk to Hillary Clinton supporters who were saying that if Hillary isn't the democratic nominee, then they don't know who they're going to vote for because they weren't sure they could support Barack Obama, even though they're democrats and he's the democratic nominee. The belief from some of those voters was that the only reason Hillary isn't the nominee is that she's a woman.

Think about that statement. Hillary did something no other woman has done in a presidential primary, gone the farthest that any woman has ever gone seeking a major party presidential nomination, but that's all ignored because she didn't win. As she says, there are 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling because of her. Shouldn't that be celebrated? Hasn't Mrs. Clinton paved the way for the next female candidate, particularly if it's her. She should be commended for what she's accomplished. However, in the egoic and competitive society in which we live, Hillary won the silver medal, not the gold. For some, that's not good enough.

It makes one wonder what those same supporters have against Barack Obama. Mrs. Clinton has thrown her support behind Mr. Obama and, if they think so highly of her, shouldn't they do the same? If they support her policies, and supporting the democratic nominee is her current policy, why wouldn't they support the nominee as well? Is the egoic hold of those voters so strong that they can't let go? If they were in the present moment, free of the ego's rhetoric, would they still vote the same way.

Don't misread this. If a voter thinks John McCain or any other third party nominee is the better candidate, vote that way. But vote on strengths and values, not because you didn't get your way. That's not the way to create our New Earth.

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