Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Manifestation of Ike

My city is finally nearly back on it's feet after the remnants of Hurricane Ike came barreling through.

Last Sunday, we saw the storm coming and were told by the weather experts that it was going to be a rain event. I had hoped to manifest a different outcome because I was contracted to shoot a concert starring Brett Michaels. He was scheduled to be here to perform and to also shoot some footage of the new season for VH-1's "Rock of Love." No, I don't follow the show but have seen an episode or two. The show itself is drowning in the egoic starting from Brett and continuing with the ladies that are vying for his attention. I looked at it as another gig from one of the areas in which I seem to have a bit of a gift, meaning music photography.

So here's the manifestation I tried: "I want the day to be rain free." In other words (from the vernacular) "I hope it doesn't rain." Well, it didn't.

And therein is the problem with unfocused Law of Attraction manifestation; you get exactly what you ask for. Now, did I single handedly bring on the wrath of nature? No. But those who also wanted their Sunday to be rain free would have fixed in their brain "I hope it doesn't rain." That collective thought went out into the universe and, by the Law of Attraction, the universe moved all the factors necessary that made the day rain free.

But this weather event was different. The storm came through and ended up being a windstorm that knocked out power to three quarters of my city and affected several others as it moved through the region. Would the manifestation been more favorable if we had asked for a clear day or a storm free day? Using the Law of Attraction requires more careful thought if we are going to use it to benefit ourselves and to benefit mankind. I knew that fact before I began to try to manifest a change in the weather, but it was one of those thoughts buried under a ton of other concerns.

Before you think I am claiming power over the weather, let me assure I am not. But when we are creating our own circumstances, we should keep the idea in our heads that we must be specific because, as you saw in Rhonda Byrne's book "The Secret," the universe says "your wish is my command."

Just make sure the wish is your real wish, not the wish you hope the universe will be able to decipher. The outcome might not turn out as you intend.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dude, What Took So Long?

Tim Girton: blogger.

Tim Girton: hasn't written a blog for far too long.

Tim Girton: grateful he can get back to his blog after an extended period of time.

It's taken all my gratitude powers recently to get myself back on the horse, but here I am, blogging and being grateful for the opportunity. Not only that, but coming out ahead of the deal because, by using universal constants like the Law of Attraction, I will continue to live in bliss. That was my first manifestation back when I began the journey into the knowledge of the Law of Attraction.

And staying grounded in the present moment, I'm back to the daily journey with bliss. Using Eckhart Tolle's teachings, I have taken the situations thrown at me and am turning them around into the life I want.

In recent weeks, my day job announced that they were instituting a wage freeze. They understood that the cost of living and the price of thriving have gone up, but that our wages were not going to keep pace. After that announcement the negativity at the job beat upon my bubble of positivity, but I set about changing the energy by reminding my co-workers that we are all still employed and that's something to be grateful for. Other's in my industry have been the victims of cutbacks, downsizing, etc. I still have a job that I love and I am grateful for that.

Right after the day job announcement, I found out that the stock agency that represents my photos (affectionately known as my "side hustle") is going out of business on the agency side. I am welcome to keep my photos on their servers and pay them for the privilege of doing so, but they will no longer be selling my images after a certain date. The positive side is that I have made photos that were good enough to be represented by them so my photography continues to improve as I work on it nearly daily. I will find another agency to represent me, or I may do it myself, which has certain attractions.

Then the remains of Hurricane Ike blew threw the Midwest, where I live. It was supposed to be a rain event but it ended up being a windstorm with sustained winds in the 30-40 mph range. It knocked out power in the region and 3 days later, my home remains without power with the city estimating up to two weeks before all power is restored. How can that be positive, you ask. Well, everyone in the family is safe and our house sustained minimal damage. And it's a way to teach my kids what life was like before video games, 900 cable channels, the internet, et cetera. We've seen people out of their houses that we haven't seen since we moved to the neighborhood. Human interaction is a good thing.

My thoughts are also with the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coasts. May positivity find you through the tragedy you've suffered.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Forecast Calls For Gratitude

It's raining today.
The misty kind of rain that's not consistent enough to know exactly how to set your intermittent wipers. The kind of rain that makes you wonder if you should open your umbrella or not, but if you don't open it, enough rain might fall to eventually drench you.
I love it.
Feeling the rain on my face made me inhale a little deeper, walk with a little more purpose and think about catching some of it on my tongue. Rain is such a universal miracle that staying in the present moment makes you so appreciative and grateful. Watching the rain, or walking it it, is one of the few times that my left brain analytical and my right brain conceptual come together. The analytical goes through the stages of the water cycle and shows the wonder of precipitation. The conceptual embraces the cycle as the miracle it is.
And because of the wonder and miracle that the egoic and conscious agree on, I feel an abounding gratitude which can lead to the manifesting of more incredible miracles. Is this a self-fulfilling prophecy? Perhaps not the strict definition of it, but that's what's happening for me. After the flurry of negativity that surrounded me for the last few weeks, as chronicled here in past posts, I am on the other side and back to my state of positivity and gratitude.
I've shared with my friends recently a quote from comedian Michael Colyar that he says to anyone who asks the question, "how are you?" He says, "I'm blessed and highly favored." What an incredible gift he gives the world with those words. What would happen if we all felt that we are blessed and highly favored? The possibilities of what we could do is staggering. He gave those words to me and countless others and I am happy to give them to you if you haven't already heard them. If you have, consider it my wish for you. If they are new, explore their meaning in your life and see the positive impact they can have on you. Why the rain made me think about it, I don't know. Perhaps it's another miracle of the cycle.
I'll be leaving here in just a few minutes to enjoy the weather again. I hope it rains all weekend.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Grateful for Good Vibe

Things at the day job are even tighter than ever before. A boss that normally didn't yell is nearly finger pointing while speaking loudly and making his points. Patience is a thing of the past as the pressure mounts. All my co-workers think that the squeeze is coming from the corporate level and it's being passed down to us.

Add to that, a long time friend working in the industry, but for another company, was let go in a series of corporate downsizing moves. We stay in touch so I called right away and that company went through the entire spiel about this is not performance based and when the economy improves we'd welcome you to apply again...blah, blah, blah.

My ego is feeling the attack acutely. Yesterday I came home feeling battered from multiple sides. I haven't had that feeling since I began the spiritual journey that I continue today. I have been blessed that I have been able to let go of depression and self-esteem issues along the way during this journey, but those feelings started creeping back in, which added to my dismay.

And then my son nearly squeezed the stuffing out of me and so many of those negative emotions disappeared that I was lifted to a more even level. But he couldn't stay there forever because he had company and wanted to get back to playing. Later, I got a chance to sit down with the internet and read one of my recent discoveries, the Good Vibe Blog from Jeannette Maw. Her blog is centered on the Law of Attraction and how to create the highest vibration in the universe and manifest the good in your life. In fact, the slogan on her website says, "Law of Attraction for the Real World.

I'm currently working on a Required Reading section of this blog and Jeannette's blog will be on that list. This is my public thank you for the work that her Good Vibe Blog  does and what it's done for me to put me back on the journey to positivity.