Friday, September 5, 2008

The Forecast Calls For Gratitude

It's raining today.
The misty kind of rain that's not consistent enough to know exactly how to set your intermittent wipers. The kind of rain that makes you wonder if you should open your umbrella or not, but if you don't open it, enough rain might fall to eventually drench you.
I love it.
Feeling the rain on my face made me inhale a little deeper, walk with a little more purpose and think about catching some of it on my tongue. Rain is such a universal miracle that staying in the present moment makes you so appreciative and grateful. Watching the rain, or walking it it, is one of the few times that my left brain analytical and my right brain conceptual come together. The analytical goes through the stages of the water cycle and shows the wonder of precipitation. The conceptual embraces the cycle as the miracle it is.
And because of the wonder and miracle that the egoic and conscious agree on, I feel an abounding gratitude which can lead to the manifesting of more incredible miracles. Is this a self-fulfilling prophecy? Perhaps not the strict definition of it, but that's what's happening for me. After the flurry of negativity that surrounded me for the last few weeks, as chronicled here in past posts, I am on the other side and back to my state of positivity and gratitude.
I've shared with my friends recently a quote from comedian Michael Colyar that he says to anyone who asks the question, "how are you?" He says, "I'm blessed and highly favored." What an incredible gift he gives the world with those words. What would happen if we all felt that we are blessed and highly favored? The possibilities of what we could do is staggering. He gave those words to me and countless others and I am happy to give them to you if you haven't already heard them. If you have, consider it my wish for you. If they are new, explore their meaning in your life and see the positive impact they can have on you. Why the rain made me think about it, I don't know. Perhaps it's another miracle of the cycle.
I'll be leaving here in just a few minutes to enjoy the weather again. I hope it rains all weekend.

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