Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Manifestation of Ike

My city is finally nearly back on it's feet after the remnants of Hurricane Ike came barreling through.

Last Sunday, we saw the storm coming and were told by the weather experts that it was going to be a rain event. I had hoped to manifest a different outcome because I was contracted to shoot a concert starring Brett Michaels. He was scheduled to be here to perform and to also shoot some footage of the new season for VH-1's "Rock of Love." No, I don't follow the show but have seen an episode or two. The show itself is drowning in the egoic starting from Brett and continuing with the ladies that are vying for his attention. I looked at it as another gig from one of the areas in which I seem to have a bit of a gift, meaning music photography.

So here's the manifestation I tried: "I want the day to be rain free." In other words (from the vernacular) "I hope it doesn't rain." Well, it didn't.

And therein is the problem with unfocused Law of Attraction manifestation; you get exactly what you ask for. Now, did I single handedly bring on the wrath of nature? No. But those who also wanted their Sunday to be rain free would have fixed in their brain "I hope it doesn't rain." That collective thought went out into the universe and, by the Law of Attraction, the universe moved all the factors necessary that made the day rain free.

But this weather event was different. The storm came through and ended up being a windstorm that knocked out power to three quarters of my city and affected several others as it moved through the region. Would the manifestation been more favorable if we had asked for a clear day or a storm free day? Using the Law of Attraction requires more careful thought if we are going to use it to benefit ourselves and to benefit mankind. I knew that fact before I began to try to manifest a change in the weather, but it was one of those thoughts buried under a ton of other concerns.

Before you think I am claiming power over the weather, let me assure I am not. But when we are creating our own circumstances, we should keep the idea in our heads that we must be specific because, as you saw in Rhonda Byrne's book "The Secret," the universe says "your wish is my command."

Just make sure the wish is your real wish, not the wish you hope the universe will be able to decipher. The outcome might not turn out as you intend.

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