Thursday, September 4, 2008

Grateful for Good Vibe

Things at the day job are even tighter than ever before. A boss that normally didn't yell is nearly finger pointing while speaking loudly and making his points. Patience is a thing of the past as the pressure mounts. All my co-workers think that the squeeze is coming from the corporate level and it's being passed down to us.

Add to that, a long time friend working in the industry, but for another company, was let go in a series of corporate downsizing moves. We stay in touch so I called right away and that company went through the entire spiel about this is not performance based and when the economy improves we'd welcome you to apply again...blah, blah, blah.

My ego is feeling the attack acutely. Yesterday I came home feeling battered from multiple sides. I haven't had that feeling since I began the spiritual journey that I continue today. I have been blessed that I have been able to let go of depression and self-esteem issues along the way during this journey, but those feelings started creeping back in, which added to my dismay.

And then my son nearly squeezed the stuffing out of me and so many of those negative emotions disappeared that I was lifted to a more even level. But he couldn't stay there forever because he had company and wanted to get back to playing. Later, I got a chance to sit down with the internet and read one of my recent discoveries, the Good Vibe Blog from Jeannette Maw. Her blog is centered on the Law of Attraction and how to create the highest vibration in the universe and manifest the good in your life. In fact, the slogan on her website says, "Law of Attraction for the Real World.

I'm currently working on a Required Reading section of this blog and Jeannette's blog will be on that list. This is my public thank you for the work that her Good Vibe Blog  does and what it's done for me to put me back on the journey to positivity.


Good Vibe Coach said...

Tim, these are wonderful words to read! Thanks for the encouragement and I can't WAIT to hear your list of top ten pleasures!

Tim Girton said...

Jeannette, thank you for your comments. I'm a huge fan of your work and #10 on my list of Top 10 pleasures is absolutely true.