Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dude, What Took So Long?

Tim Girton: blogger.

Tim Girton: hasn't written a blog for far too long.

Tim Girton: grateful he can get back to his blog after an extended period of time.

It's taken all my gratitude powers recently to get myself back on the horse, but here I am, blogging and being grateful for the opportunity. Not only that, but coming out ahead of the deal because, by using universal constants like the Law of Attraction, I will continue to live in bliss. That was my first manifestation back when I began the journey into the knowledge of the Law of Attraction.

And staying grounded in the present moment, I'm back to the daily journey with bliss. Using Eckhart Tolle's teachings, I have taken the situations thrown at me and am turning them around into the life I want.

In recent weeks, my day job announced that they were instituting a wage freeze. They understood that the cost of living and the price of thriving have gone up, but that our wages were not going to keep pace. After that announcement the negativity at the job beat upon my bubble of positivity, but I set about changing the energy by reminding my co-workers that we are all still employed and that's something to be grateful for. Other's in my industry have been the victims of cutbacks, downsizing, etc. I still have a job that I love and I am grateful for that.

Right after the day job announcement, I found out that the stock agency that represents my photos (affectionately known as my "side hustle") is going out of business on the agency side. I am welcome to keep my photos on their servers and pay them for the privilege of doing so, but they will no longer be selling my images after a certain date. The positive side is that I have made photos that were good enough to be represented by them so my photography continues to improve as I work on it nearly daily. I will find another agency to represent me, or I may do it myself, which has certain attractions.

Then the remains of Hurricane Ike blew threw the Midwest, where I live. It was supposed to be a rain event but it ended up being a windstorm with sustained winds in the 30-40 mph range. It knocked out power in the region and 3 days later, my home remains without power with the city estimating up to two weeks before all power is restored. How can that be positive, you ask. Well, everyone in the family is safe and our house sustained minimal damage. And it's a way to teach my kids what life was like before video games, 900 cable channels, the internet, et cetera. We've seen people out of their houses that we haven't seen since we moved to the neighborhood. Human interaction is a good thing.

My thoughts are also with the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coasts. May positivity find you through the tragedy you've suffered.

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