Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Chopping Block Comes to Town

Have I ever mentioned on this blog that I feel blessed every day? This is one of those days that justifies that feeling, particularly in the wake of bad news at work.

This morning we were informed that 8 of our friends and coworkers were being laid off due to "budgetary considerations." The people being eliminated were not being let go for cause, that is, they weren't in trouble and being punished. The state of the economy has made it such that in order for the company to continue, those positions and salary were being eliminated.

The big boss was emotional all day because he was to be the man to carry out the orders from the corporate office. His emotions were evident as the firings took place and then the clean up afterward. You could feel his compassion as he went about doing what he was ordered to do. Over the years, I have come to know my boss as a spiritual man who tends to see the positive in everything and everyone. He has bent over backward to maintain people by finding ways to cut other budget areas. In fact, he told me later that he found the alternative ways to cut the budget and the company said, "we need that and more." The more was people.

I was spared the chopping block and for that I am grateful. As I am sitting here in the aftermath of seeing co-workers and friends clear out their offices and their desks, I am reminded that the Law of Attraction was moving the Universe for me during this time. My day job is something I enjoy immensely. I have always manifested doing this, even when I didn't know that's what I was doing. I have never blocked this blessing and I will continue in that posture because of the great joy and fulfillment it provides as well as the service to the community.

Am I sad for the people that lost their positions and their livelihoods? Absolutely. Some of them create such good feelings in general that I have used that energy to bolster my own in times when I have ebbed. I will miss them in that capacity, but they will still be friends and I am blessed to have them in my circle, or in 2008 tech parlance, my faves.

And I will continue to be grateful and express those feelings of gratitude to the Universe. By doing that, perhaps I can help my friends manifest the next step in their existence. I have taken advantage of their positive energy. I hope I can return the favor.

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