Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Return of the Positive

The current level of negativity in America has reached new highs and I haven't been able to fathom why. We are in an age where we are technologically so advanced that we can connect with each other at nearly the speed of thought. How many times have you updated your status on Facebook and gotten 10 responses in the first few minutes.

We have a president that espouses the audacity of hope and has put together an administration that reflects the broader view of the real America – moreso than any administration in history.

Do you want to be a published writer? Spend 15 dollars and put together a website where you can share your musings with the world. That's where this site sprang up. I have been on a spiritual journey and I wanted to share that with you in the hopes that you or I might gain insight into the search for the Universal Truth.

And yet, the venom from conservative radio talk shows and Fox News is more strident than ever. It's like they're trying to tell you that you shouldn't believe the evidence that things are getting better. Ignore your own experience and listen to only them. Those hosts put everything in ideological or economic terms. “Disagree with me and you hate our country and everything we stand for,” seems to be the cry.

Sadly, there are those that buy into it. They're telling you that the president hasn't kept his campaign promises because the economy didn't get fixed in his first week in office. How dare he tell us that the recovery will be long and hard. It should be quick and easy, like everything in America is supposed to be. Forgot about the fact that the previous administration got us into an endless war, let banks and mortgage companies play fast and loose with money and the truth and didn't do anything to stop it.

But this is the part where we agree. We should make the outcomes move faster and we can, but we're going to need the negativity to cease. Positive thoughts bring positive reactions. Isn't that the Law of Attraction? Isn't that karma? What would happen if more people thought positive things for themselves rather than letting Rush, Beck or O'Reilly do their thinking for them?

The two opposing forces of positivity and negativity would become one might push toward curing the nations ills. Peace could break out, rather than being fought for. Others could see how oxymoronic a statement like that is. How do you “fight” for “peace?”

Would you like to attract peace and prosperity? It's easy. Come to God in gratitude and reshape your world. The Universe will move what it needs to give you what you truly want, as long as you stay grateful and know, really know, what you want.

Stay positive and grateful and get the good things that life has in store for you.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pulling Us Down

In the last few weeks I have found my positivity being challenged like never before. No matter where I go, the collective negative energy weighs on me, increasing by the day. Are you finding this to be true as well?

My perception? My negative acquaintances now outweigh my positive, light-seeking friends. It's not on purpose. Most of the time, those who are a positive influence are being subjected to the same bad vibes I'm feeling and it put all that dark energy into them. Given a choice, I feel those friends would prefer the light as they had before.

I could tick off the causes
  • financial situations
  • unemployment
  • the politics of the health care debate
  • the weather
  • workloads
There are more, but you get my point. There is an extraordinary amount of downward pressure being applied to the world at large.

But we still have so much to be thankful for, collectively and individually. You know the things the give you good vibes. For the human community at large, we can be grateful (and express our gratitude) for a multitude of gifts given to us every day:
  • arising in the morning
  • light
  • breath
  • children
  • the music of human speech
You can add those to the individual things you are grateful for and, by doing so, scatter and dissipate the negative energy in your immediate area. If enough of us do that, we can make it go away and stop affecting the people we care about as well.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Claiming It

We got a call that a friend of the family was involved in an accident. Turns out, it was more than that. At the hospital, we started getting the details. Our friend is a motorcycle rider and he slammed into a truck who was making a turn but should have yielded the right of way. The driver said that he didn't see him so our friend hit the side of the truck head first.

He wore a helmet, but not a face guard. In this state, helmets are not required so to know that he wore one provided a brief relief for us until we heard the grim circumstances. Since he was not wearing a guard, he fractured many facial bones and has some damage in one eye. The doctors could see some bleeding in the brain and it seemed like his whole body was experiencing swelling. The concern on the faces of his fiance, his family and his friends was palpable.

As we spent time in the waiting room, a curious thing happened. I've seen it before, but only now did I pay attention. Everyone wanted to be in the limited space of the trauma suite. The hospital, the largest, best trauma center in the region, explained that the doctors and nurses were working on the patient and that we all had to be in the family waiting room. The night grew busier for the hospital but in that room, two of the fiance's family members talked about how the hospital they worked for wouldn't make them wait and how they didn't appreciate the fact that not everyone was allowed to roam where they wanted. Everyone seemed impatient with the clerk who only tried to explain that they had a lot of cases and that they were doing what they could.

Then the gathered assembly was told that we would have to vacate the family waiting room because the hospital was going to need it as an overflow triage station. The negative energy eventually sent me from the room. I've always felt that my positivity could counteract vibes like that, but the strength of the animosity drove me away. The selfishness already on display grew worse. Weren't we there for our friend?

A pastor visited and said a prayer with the family, but I opted out in favor of my own prayer. When I heard the pastor performing during the prayer, I wanted to take our friends recovery in my own hands. Preaching as if you were in the pulpit didn't feel appropriate so I wanted to claim it for Ronny. What I claimed was speedy, complete recovery. Prayer, Law of Attraction, the label is unimportant. I asked God, Allah, the Universal Spirit for a return to health for our friend.

To say that I couldn't leave the hospital fast enough is to understate the case. By claiming the recovery with grateful thoughts, we can ensure success.

A week later, our friend left the hospital. One side is still a bit weak on one side because it bore the brunt of the impact, but we left under his own power. The swelling continues to recede and he is own his way to the complete recovery we asked for. True, he's doing to hard work, living through the pain and arranging the physical therapy, but we claimed it.

And it is happening.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


It's Move In Day at my daughter's college, part of the Welcome Weekend celebration. While I would be spending the day fitting all my junk into the small studio apartment she's moving into, she would rather apply time to other pursuits.


She is enamored with the blue and silver color scheme and has been for as long as I can remember. The first time she mentioned it was when she wanted Christmas presents for her room and she wanted everything to be blue and silver. I wondered if this really was an 8 year old saying this with authority. She got what she wanted.

Back to the present. She went on a shopping hunt to get a new bike to make it easier to travel around campus and she needed a blue comforter to fit a full size bed (a luxury in college - I got a twin). The majority of the afternoon was spent at various big box stores trying to get what she wanted, keeping me in the loop with regular updates. That's probably the newness of college. She had already moved out and spent the summer at a dorm/apartment, but this is a real studio apartment of her very own.

At one store she found the comforter she wanted, but it was for a twin bed. On one of her later updates, she called me from the parking lot telling me about the bike she got at the last store she visited. Then she told me she was going to see if this store to see if they had the right comforter. Then she stopped herself and said, "they do have it." I could hear the smile in her voice because she knew that I knew she was manifesting using the Law of Attraction.

She called back a little later. "I got it."

But I already knew she did.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Good Day To Be Grateful

As practitioners of the Law of Attraction know, manifesting is much easier in a positive and grateful environment. As readers of The Prophet Within know, I have had challenges in this arena of late. Today was not one of those days. Today I am left feeling positive, thankful and hopeful of what is to come.

I am grateful for, for example, helping my daughter solve some of her travel logistics problems. She's coming back from visiting her Marine boyfriend and the flight caused a few challenges. Nothing major, but she thought of me to help her get through it. It gives me a warm feeling to realize that even though she is an adult, she knows that she can still look to dad to help or to talk. We did a bit of both today and it felt good.

Later, my son and I continued our burgeoning tradition of spending a half hour to 45 minutes reading. Just reading. We go off some place where televisions and video games aren't and we do something as old fashioned as all get out, but still valuable nonetheless: we crack open our books. I've been a voracious reader all my life and so has my daughter. It's nice to pass down the habit to the next generation. His choice of reading material is 9 year old stuff, in this case a graphic novel, but he's putting his mind to work and when we closed the books for the night, we were both smiling. Seeing his toothy grin had me swelling up with gratitude that he is in my life.

I'll hit the bed tonight full of things to thank God for, including being able to share these thoughts with you on this blog. Thank you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Walk With Gratitude

It's been a few weeks since the family and I moved downtown and I'm having the time of my life. Every day is a reason to feel the gratitude that helps power the manifestation of my life through the Law of Attraction.

With the move, I am now living within walking distance from work and I'm taking advantage of that. Along the way, my state of mind is positive and there are times when I'm sure that the goofy grin on my face takes other pedestrians by surprise. In a world of people that haven't awakened to the ability to create whatever life they want, that must look a little strange. Then again, when they see my euphoria, perhaps they'll look into the reason why and find joy in themselves.

And why the smile? What am I so grateful for? Well, for starters:
  • I haven't put gas in my car for going on 3 weeks. I haven't used it much and haven't needed to. The freedom from trying to time my gas purchase before the price arbitrarily shoots up has become a renewing source of gratitude.
  • I own an umbrella. I never saw the use for umbrellas before because I was going from house to carport or parking garage to work's front door. A few drops was all I ever experienced. Now I get to walk in the rain and experience the healing power of the spring/summer shower.
  • The public library is right across the street. A vast store house of knowledge that doesn't come with a sales clerk wonder if you're browsing or buying.
  • I stop for coffee on the way to work. Before, if I had a smidgen of time, I had to hope the drive-thru wasn't backed up and that wherever I went had easy on/off highway access. Now I stop at a genuine coffee shop or bakery for genuine coffee and a bagel or if I'm feeling adventurous, a pastry I've never tried before. I'd much rather do that than go for mass produced coffee-like products and some high fat sandwich that's invariably egg-based.
  • I greet people. Everyone is on their way somewhere and I get the chance to wish them well, rather than being trapped in a car and wondering if the person in the other car is paying attention to the road.
  • I get to walk to work. During my walk, I can use breath or sound to bring myself present and I can think of all the things I'm grateful for during the stroll.

Is this life for everyone? That would be your decision but this is the life that works for me and that's the real point. This is something I've dreamed of and wanted to make happen and now it is my daily reality. You can create your own reality. Use the Law of Attraction, approach from the standpoint of gratitude and live the life you want.

And did you know the steps that will lead you to the life you want can begin today?

Consider that gratitude point number one.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Feel Better, Feel Good, Feel Wonderful

The artist Prince is an interesting sort. I was listening to his LotusFlow3r collection (yes, it's spelled that way) and there is a definite shift in his musical focus. In the interest of full disclosure, I've been a fan since my teenage years and enjoyed his NPG Music Club from it's humble beginnings until he closed it a few years ago. It just seems that certain of his songs hit me at the right time in my life and stages of growth.

For example, when his song "When Doves Cry" came out, I had just started college and was confused about relationships, which were much different in college than in the neighborhood during my high school years, and my changing relationship with my parents. That song was nearly a biographical sketch of me.

When "If I Was Your Girlfriend" was released, I was a young husband who didn't understand why my wife was more open with the female friends in her life than with me. That song spoke to my feelings of "I want to be/The things you are to me." When he sang, "Would you run to me if somebody hurt you/Even if that somebody was me," he sang about the openness I thought should have been there.

He did a song called "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World" which I sang to my year old daughter all the time because I thought (and still think, now that she's an adult) that she is the girl Prince was singing about.

To be sure, in the past, he had his dark side and I listened to those songs, too, but the ones that really struck me were those mentioned above. So as I'm driving home today, I'm listening to the new 3 CD collection, two of his music and one of an artist he's working with named Brie Valente. I haven't made it to her CD yet because I keep playing one song over and over and it's the latest one that catches me the right way.

The song is called "Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful" but when he sings the chorus, it comes out "feel better, feel good, feel wonderful."  I guess the rhyme scheme works better that way. No matter because this is exactly how I'm trying to live my life now. The gratitude he tries to convey in this song is what I'm developing in my own life. The ending lyric goes "You know you should feel wonderful/Keep your mind in the vertical motion/Always looking up."

I don't understand how Prince, an artist for the masses, has been coming up with songs that keep touching me as they've done so since the 1980s, but I'm grateful it keeps happening. I have another song I can enjoy at full volume and hopefully, the groove will catch someone else so that they can feel better, feel good, feel wonderful.

It's funky and positive and might be just what another new spiritual being needs.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ville Voice Gratitude

Over the last few days, I've begun my association with a local foodie website called Ville Voice Eats. Back in February, they posted an ad looking for writers and I made my pitch, even using The Prophet Within as writing samples. After submitting my name for consideration, I gave it to the universe to make it happen and last week I was informed that I attracted the end that I wanted. I was to be a writer for Ville Voice Eats.

To set myself apart, my style of writing for them is slightly snarky but informative. My first posts are updates on the swine flu issue. Here's an excerpt from that first post:
If you are affected by swine flu, and there are no reported cases in Kentucky as of right now, life will suck for a while until you get better. Like most flu strains, you'll have a fever, cough, sore throat, headache, chills, etc. A doctor may prescribe Tamiflu or Relenza, but most patients in the U.S. recover without it.
Read that entire post here.

The snarkiness of that post got an angry response from a reader who said things like "You’ve got to be kidding me. There just may be a special place in hell for whoever wrote this garbage."


A writer hopes to attract a response, but I hadn't had that one in mind. In the post, I poked the media for it's gloom and doom reporting as they attempt to scare viewers into watching their content with the idea of attracting a humorous and hopefully positive response. How often have we heard that positivity will help us attract positive outcomes. I've updated information on swine flu as new, solid information has become available, including the fact that Kentucky has had a few cases reported now.

Also yesterday, I was able to break from that subject and celebrate my state's best burger. Food Network magazine found the best burgers in all 50 states for a summer issue and Kentucky's best is right in my city at W.W. Cousins. I've been there a number of times and I can't argue that it is the best burger from a locally owned restaurant. Find out how I celebrated that positive here. Yeah, I know my editor keeps getting my byline wrong, but with all the content I will be providing him, he'll get it right.

So you see, the Law of Attraction is working every day but I still have a lot to learn. Be specific about what you want and if it's a positive to the universe, you can have it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Start a Smovement

A friend shared this with me and I thought you might be interested in seeing it as well. It could be the start of a smovement.

You are at my service and I am at yours.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dieting On A Dime

I skimmed USA Today yesterday as part of my information junkie habit. With access to the internet via computer and smart phone as well as the old fashioned news print, I'm usually all over information. Part of the issue is that the brain is a sponge to be encouraged to absorb more and more. As long as it's fostered to learn you can take in a lot of stuff I like to keep mine working like that.

So as I'm checking the purple section, I stop on an article called “Dieting On A Dime” about low cost alternatives to the endless diet plans and exercise contraptions that we're constantly exposed to on TV and the web. Reading that piece got me thinking about how the Law of Attraction could play a part in a persons health and wellness.

You see, I came to the Law of Attraction via Rhonda Byrne's “The Secret” for which I will be eternally grateful. In “The Secret” there is a section that deals with using the Law to reshape your body. Ms. Byrne had an easy time to get back to her healthy weight, but there are people like me that will take a different route to manifest our way to health. I firmly believe that's why this article ended up in USA Today and found its way to me. As stated before, that newspaper is usually a quick skim, but this article jumped out.

Due to the economic crisis our country and the world finds itself in, extra money for a gym or diet program that depends on you buying their brand of nutrition is elusive. So those of us with a little extra poundage to lose in order to take care of the vessel of our spirit have manifested an article with information that will help us get to where we need to be. The interior pages of the article asked questions that would be a fit for a great number of people and situations. Do you want to eat breads? Do you like fish and lean meat more than pasta? Do you like the occasional wine? Resources are provided to tailor your situation and your health plan. You can see what I'm raving about by clicking here . Further in the article, you'll see links to calorie counters, recipes, nutrition advice and more.

This is not me being a shill for the newspaper. I believe there are lots of us that vibed this information into being. Which means I owe you gratitude for helping to create something I wanted to see. With this kind of cooperation, we can change things.

What should we do next?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rising Above the Rancor

Let's begin with the definition of the word rancor from Dictionary.com:

Rancor –noun
bitter, rankling resentment or ill will; hatred; malice.

Think of the people in your life that are feeling any of the above emotions. What are the causes?
  • the economy
  • unemployment
  • AIG
  • the auto industry
  • the banking industry
  • the bailout
  • their mortgage
How many other reasons do your friends and family have for feeling the bitterness, ill will and malice that seem to permeate the country right now?

Now think of those of us on our spiritual journey. How can we help?

It's a question I've been asking for a while. Those of us who follow the Law of Attraction understand how to create the right vibrational frequencies as we move through our lives, so the concern is not there. It's more about those who have yet to discover how to manifest what they want in their lives. People come to the Law of Attraction on their own timing, but what can we do to help them survive the current crises?

For the last week or so, I've been using my understanding of manifestation to help a friend deal with the loss of her husband, a personal friend of mine as well. He and I are about the same age so the death hit our circle of friends particularly hard. We've all spent time together discussing the loss of a genuinely good guy and our own mortality. We spoke of maintaining our health and then we veered into spiritual territory.

Although there were plenty of differing opinions on methods of spirituality, it seems the common thread is that our friend is in a place of reward, whether you believe in heaven, paradise, nirvana or some other iteration. The idea is freedom from form. Our friend is no longer tied to his body and has gone on to another plane of existence. Our friend is going to be great.

On the other hand, the survivors are the ones that are having the tough time. People have guilt built in through teaching and indoctrination. We've all been told that it's a sad experience when someone dies, but the flip side is that we're told that things are better for the dead person. Personally, I've been confused by that dichotomy from the time I was old enough to understand what death was. That's what we deal with now.

And for my friends wife, that's what she's trying to come to grips with. Yes, her husband is in a better place, but what does she and her family do going forward? He was the family foundation to the point the even the eulogy said he was the glue that held the family together. He loved his kids. He loved his wife. And now he's gone. That's why I'm trying to manifest an ease to her pain. It will come. Others are wishing her well and there is the healing component of time.

But what can we do for the general population? Can we bring forth a successful ending to the mess the country's in on a quicker time frame? Before reading Dr. Wayne Dyer's book in Inspiration, I might have thought the task was too big, but now I know that there are no limits. Would it be possible for you and I to starting vibing a better future for the country and the world? If your answer is yes, then join me and let's get it done.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Introducing Dr. Wayne Dyer

Okay, the title is a little confusing. You may know who he is, but I was introduced to him last night via a PBS program as they were rolling through their pledge drive. In case you missed it, it was called "Dr. Wayne W. Dyer: Inspiration." What a kick (in a good way) in the spirit.

As I'm watching the program from about the middle, I couldn't get to the DVR remote control fast enough to record the next airing so I can watch all 4 hours of the seminar. I had heard Dr. Dyer's name before, but had not yet discovered his work. The program covered the way to live the inspired life. I learned the power of the number 18. I heard about inspiration in action. The wellspring of information was seemingly infinite and I found myself thirsting for more.

The book, Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling, is something I'm buying this afternoon as I quest for more knowledge of the ultimate source. I needed that. To use a quote Dr. Dyer used as he himself was quoting Albert Einstein "nothing happens until something moves." Even during the pledge break, Dr. Dyer said, and this is paraphrased, you're watching this for a reason, even if you were just flipping channels, you landed here for a reason. It was amazing as it felt he said it to me directly.

As has been chronicled here before, life has been challenging. My employer has downsized twice, my mother-in-law has had her issues and effective time management has eluded me. At times when inspiration has been difficult to come by because of the noise all around, Dr. Dyer reminded me to mediate and get to my stillness, my present.

These are things I've known and things I've written about, but reminders are nice. As life has wrestled into my egoic self, it occurred to me that happening across this program is a manifestation of the Law of Attraction. I start every morning with my gratitudes to the universe. And lately it's been difficult. Not that it's been hard to find things to be grateful for. Those things surround us all in great abundance. The difficultly, up until now, has been to quiet the ego because the ego took advantage of the distractions to work it's way back to prominence.

But what I saw last night (and will record on Saturday in it's entirety) will help me silence the ego and bring back the true essence of myself. Since it's been manifested, it was what I wanted and the universe gave me exactly what I asked for and gave it to me exactly when I needed it.

This life is an amazing life.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Why Am I Giving Anything Up?

As I continue on my spiritual journey, I have to give other people a shorthand description of what I believe. At first I tried the Eckhart Tolle approach of not labeling at all, but those who are curious prefer classification so they can compartmentalize. That's what the egoic tendency is so I thought up the term "Christian Plus." I grew up Roman Catholic so I'm familiar of the teaching of Jesus and follow them in my daily life. I am also open to other spirituality because we're all looking for the "Great Spirit" or "Universal Truth" or whatever you see it as.

My daughter likes to think of me as a deist (this entry), a person that believes in a higher power but does not interfere with it's normal function. We go back and forth over that because elements of that are right and wrong in what she says. For the average person, Christian Plus gives them a thumbnail. From that standpoint, as we are in the season of Lent, I am pelted with the things that people are giving up. This springs from the idea of sacrifice, mirroring the 40 days Christ spent in the desert where, according to the Biblical tale, he endured temptations by Satan.

The part where people say they're giving up something is tied to the idea of self sacrifice which along with prayer, penitence and almsgiving are part of the Lenten tradition. In the last few days I've heard people are giving up chocolate, red meat, alcohol and any number of things they consider important. In the past, before my current spiritual journey, I participated. I gave up red meat (and ended up giving it up for nearly 10 years), sweets (a weakness) and more.

But my thinking these days has evolved. Does sacrifice mean I have to do without something? Would a better way to think about it be discipline? Would this be a time to improve what I consider important? And does that mean I've decided to give up procrastination or laziness? Even as I write I don't know the answers to the questions, but that's rather the point of most of my posts. Let's explore to find the answers.

To that end, I have decided to follow the traditional Lenten fast, which limits me to one meal a day or two small ones if the sum total is not more than one meal. I consider this a test of my discipline and also have the side benefit of therapeutic intervention which could lead to the expulsion of various toxins. It is a custom followed from ancient times until recently. So the question I put to myself is, can I limit myself to one meal a day for 40 days? I am interested in finding the answer.

The other thing I'm doing, again as a test of discipline, is to shift my creative urges into overdrive. I have felt stifled for any number of reasons in my quest to create. That fire to make photos, or write blogs, or write short stories burns within and circumstances have from time to time, put out the flame. For me, this Lenten season is a chance for me to rededicate that urge and harness it in a positive direction. As we know, the Law of Attraction says the universe will conform to what we want if it is truly what we want. By using the law and adding self control, I feel grateful that this will happen for me.

So in the end, am I giving anything up for Lent? I think so. I'm giving up excuses.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Black History and the Law of Attraction

I thought about title of this post and I found myself deep inside my own head trying to figure out how I would tie it together. It's Black History Month for a few more days and, being African-American and a practitioner of the Law of Attraction, I knew there was a connection which is why this post was delayed for a little while. I wanted to get it right.

You see, all the famous names are thrown out there for people to learn about: George Washington Carver, Jackie Robinson, Booker T. Washington, but no one teaches the history of the history celebration. It started out as a week of service called Negro History Week by Carter G. Woodson. The joke amongst African Americans is that the mainstream gave "us" the shortest month, however the truth is that Woodson chose February for his week because it's the month when his two heroes, Fredrick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln were born. Choosing here is important.

At the time Negro History Week was being put together, Woodson, a historian, wanted to spotlight black history because that history was barely being taught to anyone, black or white. Mostly the representation of African Americans highlighted the fact that they were former slaves and that, as such, they had a lower standing in the societal pecking order. Woodson used his influence to show that African Americans were much more and, though it was controversial at the time, equal to everyone.

Carter Woodson, while he may not have known it, invoked the Law of Attraction. His action to develop Negro History Week helped to expand the vision that Americans had of their African American brothers and sisters. Because he wanted equality to happen, and took the steps he saw as necessary, the week expanded to a month. While it was too early in history for Woodson to march with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others during the Civil Rights Movement, he can be seen as a forefather of what became that movement.

And what can that teach us about the Law of Attraction? Think of it this way. Carter Woodson manifested a different way of thinking about an entire segment of the American population. He wanted blacks to understand that they didn't necessarily have to define themselves as former slaves and thereby continue the thought that they weren't good enough. It was okay to think of the accomplishments of Garrett Morgan and Madam C.J. Walker and understand that these were accomplished Americans.

And the idea of Black History Month has spread beyond the American shores. Britain celebrates their Black History Month in October. And yes, there is some controversy about whether we still need a Black History Month. Perhaps those arguments were rendered moot by the election of our first African American president. History is still being made.

And that history is still being celebrated, thanks to the thoughts of Carter Woodson and his manifestation of what has become Black History Month.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Chris Brown, Rihanna and What You Can Do

Over the last week, we've heard some pretty nasty things about the relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown. Now, since this is America there is the presumption of innocence so this blog isn't to establish the guilt of either party. But this is an opportunity to discuss the continued problem of domestic violence.

Who did what to whom is going to be sorted out in court, but even as I write this, there is a domestic partner needs to leave the other because of abuse. It comes in many forms: physical, verbal, mental and more. If you're suffering, please understand that you don't not have to take it and that there is a way out. Your abuser wants to convince you that you can't do anything about what's happening, but he's using it to continue the cycle.

It is documented that domestic abuse is about control. That control is forced through domination, humiliation, intimidation, denial and blame. Abuse victims routinely think that what is happening to them is their own fault and nothing could be further from the truth. If a partner leads you to believe that, or tries to tell you that you can't go anywhere because no one will want you, they are lying.

Does your partner:
humiliate you
ignore your views
treat you as property
act possessively
control what you do
limit access to friends, money, phone

If any of those fit you, find your way out. Start here for more information. There are resources in most areas in the country. Find them and get help. If you don't know where to go, try here to start.

The end result of the Rihanna - Chris Brown situation is going to be long and on-going and possibly embarrassing to both of them as details of their private lives come to the forefront. Their celebrity and their money will not shield them from that. Don't continue to be a victim.

Monday, February 9, 2009

For the Babies

I had the distinct honor to work with Kosair Children's Hospital for a fund raiser (also with the Children's Miracle Network) that showed the special nature of my city. The hospital is non-profit and dedicated only to kids. No child is ever denied treatment, even if they can't pay. Consequently, it takes lots of money to make it go because they know going in that a lot of their patients can't give them any money toward treatment and also don't have any insurance, either.

The fund raiser was a radiothon with a broadcast group that owns 5 stations locally. Only 4 participated because the 5th is a totally automated affair with no djs. Every one of the djs on the 4 remaining stations got behind the broadcast and put themselves out there for the hospital and at the end of three days, raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars, exceeding expectations by a wide margin.

It was amazing to see the outpouring of positive energy in this community and see it returned in kind by the hospital workers, doctors, nurses and patients. I saw and heard interviews with kids and it funneled enormous sums of gratitude energy to me. There was a kid with a 2 chamber heart who lives life just and is just fine with who he is. He looks like President Barack Obama and will acknowledge that. He will also show you his zippers, the scars from his open heart surgery that do indeed resemble zippers.

There's the 23 year old who was struck with a childhood cancer in her teens who found her vision through art therapy and now has a gallery exhibit about to open. She's in remission but wants to share what she had to deal with so that someone else in her position will know what they're in for. She's also in college, studying to be a nurse because she wants to work at this hospital.

There are many stories both happy and sad but, in the end, always hopeful. I was able to use that positive energy to keep myself involved. The difficulty was that I contracted food poisoning on the Tuesday before the event and nearly inert on Wednesday. My wife thought it was flu, but the symptoms felt different. People also wanted me to pinpoint where I got it, but is that really the way to spend what little energy you have?

My family took care of me. My son brought me his Superman blanket because the last time I was feeling bad and had chills, he put it over me as I slept. As I started feeling better, my son became convinced that his blanket was part of the help. Before you laugh, I think he's right. I think that the love that he transferred to me through the blanket worked to make me better. So with the help of my son/Superman, I powered through the roughest parts of my recovery and was able to participate in that event. In fact, on the other side of my illness, my gratitude vibrations went off the scale. Feeling thankful to have my family and being thankful for what this community did, has me flying.

The really is an era of hope.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

The lower midwest has been taking it on it's figurative chin in the last couple of days. Our location served as the terminus between rain and snow. We ended up with was 4 inches of snow, then 2 inches of ice followed by another 2 inches of snow. It's not necessarily the parfait I would have ordered.

The worst part of the storm event itself is the ice. The accumulation of ice on trees continues to weigh them down, bending dangerously close to cars, roofs and power lines. The ice on those power lines brought them dangerously close to the ground, a great deal of them snapping under the weight. And there is also a large number that are up, but the transformers they're connected to have died in a shower of sparks. There are more lines down now than when the remains of Hurricane Ike blasted its way across our area. Another gigantic number of homes are without power, as with Ike The difference is the temperature. During Ike, we were in the 70's. This time around, we're in the 20's.

What's going to happen? The public has questions for officials. The officials have questions for the experts. Who do the experts ask? The utility companies have said that some homes may be without power for up to 7 days. Schools are closed for the rest of the week. Businesses have been deserted, but that won't last. With so many cutbacks in recent months, who can afford to not do business at all. I'm sure there's more, but you get the idea. Now what?

I bring up the circumstances of my area's situation to point up all the things to be grateful for. When you can find the things that fill you with gratitude, you can vibe the outcome you are trying to attract. I've preached positivity for a long time and you'll see it again, of course, but expect it here now.

For example, city officials urged people to stay home so that traffic would be lighter. Lighter traffic means less sliding around in 1 ton hunks of metal, crashing into each other and doing far more damage than a snow storm could. Meanwhile, the kids got a chance to use 40 ounce hunks of plastic, sliding down hills and sharing laughter with family and friends. The area we're in can get a lot or a little snow. Our 6 to 8 inches collectively would be considered a lot for us.

On a personal level, my family is warm and dry and the positivity vibes have helped us, even though we live in an area that has been hard hit by power outages. I've been going back and forth to work in a heavy four wheel drive fleet vehicle so I've been safe. My job is considered critical, which means I don't stay home. The zone of positivity I've attracted to me surrounds me so I've been protected.

The recovery will be slow (and by Monday, we may be looking at fresh snow according to long range forecasts) but strive to keep it positive. Attract the outcome you deserve. Anytime and all the time.

Sunday, January 25, 2009



That was the word upper management at my day job kept saying through different turns of phrase. "The New Reality," "the reality of the situation," "reality dictates," and other colorful idioms peppered the last couple of days as one by one, employees were called into the bosses office and told that, though they did nothing wrong, they were being let go.

We went through this a few months ago and I survived, giving my most grateful vibes to the Universe for allowing me to continue to do what I do. Through my knowledge and use of the Law of Attraction, I attracted that outcome and it continues even now as friends I have known for a long time, were having their keys taken from them and their e-mail access eliminated. I thought about what was happening. I was working directly with a woman I respected long before we were ever employed together. In another case, a friend I have known all my adult life was shown the way out.

Both of them will survive and prosper wherever they end up, but it got me to thinking. How do we judge people? Do we define them by what jobs they do and how well they do them? In the case of the friend I've known all my adult life, we met in college when we were both egocentric. The world was going to change because we were the adults now and we would be the first the change everything. That mantra is still part of me as I do my part to activate the New Earth. But instead of changing for my personal betterment, I do my part to make a better world.

So the friend that I met in college ended up working at the same company some time later. We even dated two women that were roommates and best friends, unbeknown to us. Imagine his surprise when he came to see his girlfriend and I was sitting on the couch with mine. The nonverbal communication between us struck us as hilarious while our girlfriends didn't know what to make of us. We talk about that to this day as a time of great joy, even though in the end, we married other women.

On the other hand, the woman I grew to respect even before we worked at the same company, is a friend and fellow spiritual seeker. She's going on a different path, but aren't we all trying to get to the same place anyway. Her road is for her and mine is for me.

But who are they? That's difficult to say. They are not their jobs, not their relationship roles, not their emotions at losing their jobs. It's worth remembering Eckhart Tolle's exercise by not assigning labels to them. They just are.

Those who haven't awakened to their potential will describe them as manager, employee, husband, wife or other things in an attempt to categorize them and place them in neat little boxes. I prefer to let them be who they are and I will be grateful for knowing them and sharing positive energy with them. And at this this time, I will vibe a positive outcome for whatever awaits.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Consider This Your Last Warning

Back to the Mother-In-Law stuff in just a bit because there's one more turn in the story.

Consider this your last warning.

The world is a testy place these days and everyone thinks they have a good reason for their irritation. With the economy, jobless rate, the war and other issues, you can see how the ego can lead people into that mindset.

Take a service like Flickr, the photo sharing site I started using for it's ability to interface with my main portal site, TimGirton.com. I recently upgraded to a pro account for the flexibility it offers and for what I consider a reasonable fee given what they provide. I've been a member since Yahoo migrated their Yahoo Photos service to Flickr, only I didn't remember that. I went to sign up for the site and turned out I was already there. So I upgraded and started uploading all kinds of cool photos from the last month or so.

I went about cleaning up photos that had been sitting there for a couple of years, mostly sent there in holding because this was before I could transport pictures via flash drives as I do now. Then I get a note that my site has been marked as "moderate" not "safe" because it occasionally pops up with unsafe content. Of course I disagreed, so I asked for a review and I got this note back:

You need to delete all content(public and private) from
your photostream that you did not create immediately.

One example:

{link deleted}

Consider this as your
last warning.


I was taken aback. My last warning? This was my first. My ego started heating up. In my mind, rolling round in all corners of the ego, I was screaming that "I am a photographer. I create everything I do." My fingers approached the keyboard to let Terrence know exactly what I thought, but the positivity I live in came over me and I took a step back. Perhaps I should go look at my photostream (which is how Flickr classifies your pictures). Sure enough, some photos that I thought I deleted in 2006 were still there. They were photos I was using to create some collages I had worked on at the time. I took those out and e-mailed Terrence to say that he should look at my photostream again.

This was his response:

We appreciate you moderating the content in your
I've classified your account as "public"/"safe".
Please keep the
Flickr guidelines in mind when moderating
your content in the future.


Now, would that have been the response if I had e-mailed Terrence and gone with my ego's negative reaction? I'm thinking probably not and that's the lesson today. By continuing to live in gratitude and living by the Law of Attraction, which stresses positivity over the opposite, you attract the outcome you want. Those of us who follow the LoA know this, but it's helpful to be reminded.

Mahatma Gandhi said, and I try to live by, "Be The Change You Want To See In The World." If you haven't already, make the change to remember that you are not your ego. Don't let it rule you.