Sunday, January 25, 2009



That was the word upper management at my day job kept saying through different turns of phrase. "The New Reality," "the reality of the situation," "reality dictates," and other colorful idioms peppered the last couple of days as one by one, employees were called into the bosses office and told that, though they did nothing wrong, they were being let go.

We went through this a few months ago and I survived, giving my most grateful vibes to the Universe for allowing me to continue to do what I do. Through my knowledge and use of the Law of Attraction, I attracted that outcome and it continues even now as friends I have known for a long time, were having their keys taken from them and their e-mail access eliminated. I thought about what was happening. I was working directly with a woman I respected long before we were ever employed together. In another case, a friend I have known all my adult life was shown the way out.

Both of them will survive and prosper wherever they end up, but it got me to thinking. How do we judge people? Do we define them by what jobs they do and how well they do them? In the case of the friend I've known all my adult life, we met in college when we were both egocentric. The world was going to change because we were the adults now and we would be the first the change everything. That mantra is still part of me as I do my part to activate the New Earth. But instead of changing for my personal betterment, I do my part to make a better world.

So the friend that I met in college ended up working at the same company some time later. We even dated two women that were roommates and best friends, unbeknown to us. Imagine his surprise when he came to see his girlfriend and I was sitting on the couch with mine. The nonverbal communication between us struck us as hilarious while our girlfriends didn't know what to make of us. We talk about that to this day as a time of great joy, even though in the end, we married other women.

On the other hand, the woman I grew to respect even before we worked at the same company, is a friend and fellow spiritual seeker. She's going on a different path, but aren't we all trying to get to the same place anyway. Her road is for her and mine is for me.

But who are they? That's difficult to say. They are not their jobs, not their relationship roles, not their emotions at losing their jobs. It's worth remembering Eckhart Tolle's exercise by not assigning labels to them. They just are.

Those who haven't awakened to their potential will describe them as manager, employee, husband, wife or other things in an attempt to categorize them and place them in neat little boxes. I prefer to let them be who they are and I will be grateful for knowing them and sharing positive energy with them. And at this this time, I will vibe a positive outcome for whatever awaits.

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