Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

The lower midwest has been taking it on it's figurative chin in the last couple of days. Our location served as the terminus between rain and snow. We ended up with was 4 inches of snow, then 2 inches of ice followed by another 2 inches of snow. It's not necessarily the parfait I would have ordered.

The worst part of the storm event itself is the ice. The accumulation of ice on trees continues to weigh them down, bending dangerously close to cars, roofs and power lines. The ice on those power lines brought them dangerously close to the ground, a great deal of them snapping under the weight. And there is also a large number that are up, but the transformers they're connected to have died in a shower of sparks. There are more lines down now than when the remains of Hurricane Ike blasted its way across our area. Another gigantic number of homes are without power, as with Ike The difference is the temperature. During Ike, we were in the 70's. This time around, we're in the 20's.

What's going to happen? The public has questions for officials. The officials have questions for the experts. Who do the experts ask? The utility companies have said that some homes may be without power for up to 7 days. Schools are closed for the rest of the week. Businesses have been deserted, but that won't last. With so many cutbacks in recent months, who can afford to not do business at all. I'm sure there's more, but you get the idea. Now what?

I bring up the circumstances of my area's situation to point up all the things to be grateful for. When you can find the things that fill you with gratitude, you can vibe the outcome you are trying to attract. I've preached positivity for a long time and you'll see it again, of course, but expect it here now.

For example, city officials urged people to stay home so that traffic would be lighter. Lighter traffic means less sliding around in 1 ton hunks of metal, crashing into each other and doing far more damage than a snow storm could. Meanwhile, the kids got a chance to use 40 ounce hunks of plastic, sliding down hills and sharing laughter with family and friends. The area we're in can get a lot or a little snow. Our 6 to 8 inches collectively would be considered a lot for us.

On a personal level, my family is warm and dry and the positivity vibes have helped us, even though we live in an area that has been hard hit by power outages. I've been going back and forth to work in a heavy four wheel drive fleet vehicle so I've been safe. My job is considered critical, which means I don't stay home. The zone of positivity I've attracted to me surrounds me so I've been protected.

The recovery will be slow (and by Monday, we may be looking at fresh snow according to long range forecasts) but strive to keep it positive. Attract the outcome you deserve. Anytime and all the time.

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