Monday, February 9, 2009

For the Babies

I had the distinct honor to work with Kosair Children's Hospital for a fund raiser (also with the Children's Miracle Network) that showed the special nature of my city. The hospital is non-profit and dedicated only to kids. No child is ever denied treatment, even if they can't pay. Consequently, it takes lots of money to make it go because they know going in that a lot of their patients can't give them any money toward treatment and also don't have any insurance, either.

The fund raiser was a radiothon with a broadcast group that owns 5 stations locally. Only 4 participated because the 5th is a totally automated affair with no djs. Every one of the djs on the 4 remaining stations got behind the broadcast and put themselves out there for the hospital and at the end of three days, raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars, exceeding expectations by a wide margin.

It was amazing to see the outpouring of positive energy in this community and see it returned in kind by the hospital workers, doctors, nurses and patients. I saw and heard interviews with kids and it funneled enormous sums of gratitude energy to me. There was a kid with a 2 chamber heart who lives life just and is just fine with who he is. He looks like President Barack Obama and will acknowledge that. He will also show you his zippers, the scars from his open heart surgery that do indeed resemble zippers.

There's the 23 year old who was struck with a childhood cancer in her teens who found her vision through art therapy and now has a gallery exhibit about to open. She's in remission but wants to share what she had to deal with so that someone else in her position will know what they're in for. She's also in college, studying to be a nurse because she wants to work at this hospital.

There are many stories both happy and sad but, in the end, always hopeful. I was able to use that positive energy to keep myself involved. The difficulty was that I contracted food poisoning on the Tuesday before the event and nearly inert on Wednesday. My wife thought it was flu, but the symptoms felt different. People also wanted me to pinpoint where I got it, but is that really the way to spend what little energy you have?

My family took care of me. My son brought me his Superman blanket because the last time I was feeling bad and had chills, he put it over me as I slept. As I started feeling better, my son became convinced that his blanket was part of the help. Before you laugh, I think he's right. I think that the love that he transferred to me through the blanket worked to make me better. So with the help of my son/Superman, I powered through the roughest parts of my recovery and was able to participate in that event. In fact, on the other side of my illness, my gratitude vibrations went off the scale. Feeling thankful to have my family and being thankful for what this community did, has me flying.

The really is an era of hope.

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