Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Introducing Dr. Wayne Dyer

Okay, the title is a little confusing. You may know who he is, but I was introduced to him last night via a PBS program as they were rolling through their pledge drive. In case you missed it, it was called "Dr. Wayne W. Dyer: Inspiration." What a kick (in a good way) in the spirit.

As I'm watching the program from about the middle, I couldn't get to the DVR remote control fast enough to record the next airing so I can watch all 4 hours of the seminar. I had heard Dr. Dyer's name before, but had not yet discovered his work. The program covered the way to live the inspired life. I learned the power of the number 18. I heard about inspiration in action. The wellspring of information was seemingly infinite and I found myself thirsting for more.

The book, Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling, is something I'm buying this afternoon as I quest for more knowledge of the ultimate source. I needed that. To use a quote Dr. Dyer used as he himself was quoting Albert Einstein "nothing happens until something moves." Even during the pledge break, Dr. Dyer said, and this is paraphrased, you're watching this for a reason, even if you were just flipping channels, you landed here for a reason. It was amazing as it felt he said it to me directly.

As has been chronicled here before, life has been challenging. My employer has downsized twice, my mother-in-law has had her issues and effective time management has eluded me. At times when inspiration has been difficult to come by because of the noise all around, Dr. Dyer reminded me to mediate and get to my stillness, my present.

These are things I've known and things I've written about, but reminders are nice. As life has wrestled into my egoic self, it occurred to me that happening across this program is a manifestation of the Law of Attraction. I start every morning with my gratitudes to the universe. And lately it's been difficult. Not that it's been hard to find things to be grateful for. Those things surround us all in great abundance. The difficultly, up until now, has been to quiet the ego because the ego took advantage of the distractions to work it's way back to prominence.

But what I saw last night (and will record on Saturday in it's entirety) will help me silence the ego and bring back the true essence of myself. Since it's been manifested, it was what I wanted and the universe gave me exactly what I asked for and gave it to me exactly when I needed it.

This life is an amazing life.

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