Thursday, May 21, 2009

Feel Better, Feel Good, Feel Wonderful

The artist Prince is an interesting sort. I was listening to his LotusFlow3r collection (yes, it's spelled that way) and there is a definite shift in his musical focus. In the interest of full disclosure, I've been a fan since my teenage years and enjoyed his NPG Music Club from it's humble beginnings until he closed it a few years ago. It just seems that certain of his songs hit me at the right time in my life and stages of growth.

For example, when his song "When Doves Cry" came out, I had just started college and was confused about relationships, which were much different in college than in the neighborhood during my high school years, and my changing relationship with my parents. That song was nearly a biographical sketch of me.

When "If I Was Your Girlfriend" was released, I was a young husband who didn't understand why my wife was more open with the female friends in her life than with me. That song spoke to my feelings of "I want to be/The things you are to me." When he sang, "Would you run to me if somebody hurt you/Even if that somebody was me," he sang about the openness I thought should have been there.

He did a song called "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World" which I sang to my year old daughter all the time because I thought (and still think, now that she's an adult) that she is the girl Prince was singing about.

To be sure, in the past, he had his dark side and I listened to those songs, too, but the ones that really struck me were those mentioned above. So as I'm driving home today, I'm listening to the new 3 CD collection, two of his music and one of an artist he's working with named Brie Valente. I haven't made it to her CD yet because I keep playing one song over and over and it's the latest one that catches me the right way.

The song is called "Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful" but when he sings the chorus, it comes out "feel better, feel good, feel wonderful."  I guess the rhyme scheme works better that way. No matter because this is exactly how I'm trying to live my life now. The gratitude he tries to convey in this song is what I'm developing in my own life. The ending lyric goes "You know you should feel wonderful/Keep your mind in the vertical motion/Always looking up."

I don't understand how Prince, an artist for the masses, has been coming up with songs that keep touching me as they've done so since the 1980s, but I'm grateful it keeps happening. I have another song I can enjoy at full volume and hopefully, the groove will catch someone else so that they can feel better, feel good, feel wonderful.

It's funky and positive and might be just what another new spiritual being needs.

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