Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ville Voice Gratitude

Over the last few days, I've begun my association with a local foodie website called Ville Voice Eats. Back in February, they posted an ad looking for writers and I made my pitch, even using The Prophet Within as writing samples. After submitting my name for consideration, I gave it to the universe to make it happen and last week I was informed that I attracted the end that I wanted. I was to be a writer for Ville Voice Eats.

To set myself apart, my style of writing for them is slightly snarky but informative. My first posts are updates on the swine flu issue. Here's an excerpt from that first post:
If you are affected by swine flu, and there are no reported cases in Kentucky as of right now, life will suck for a while until you get better. Like most flu strains, you'll have a fever, cough, sore throat, headache, chills, etc. A doctor may prescribe Tamiflu or Relenza, but most patients in the U.S. recover without it.
Read that entire post here.

The snarkiness of that post got an angry response from a reader who said things like "You’ve got to be kidding me. There just may be a special place in hell for whoever wrote this garbage."


A writer hopes to attract a response, but I hadn't had that one in mind. In the post, I poked the media for it's gloom and doom reporting as they attempt to scare viewers into watching their content with the idea of attracting a humorous and hopefully positive response. How often have we heard that positivity will help us attract positive outcomes. I've updated information on swine flu as new, solid information has become available, including the fact that Kentucky has had a few cases reported now.

Also yesterday, I was able to break from that subject and celebrate my state's best burger. Food Network magazine found the best burgers in all 50 states for a summer issue and Kentucky's best is right in my city at W.W. Cousins. I've been there a number of times and I can't argue that it is the best burger from a locally owned restaurant. Find out how I celebrated that positive here. Yeah, I know my editor keeps getting my byline wrong, but with all the content I will be providing him, he'll get it right.

So you see, the Law of Attraction is working every day but I still have a lot to learn. Be specific about what you want and if it's a positive to the universe, you can have it.

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