Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Walk With Gratitude

It's been a few weeks since the family and I moved downtown and I'm having the time of my life. Every day is a reason to feel the gratitude that helps power the manifestation of my life through the Law of Attraction.

With the move, I am now living within walking distance from work and I'm taking advantage of that. Along the way, my state of mind is positive and there are times when I'm sure that the goofy grin on my face takes other pedestrians by surprise. In a world of people that haven't awakened to the ability to create whatever life they want, that must look a little strange. Then again, when they see my euphoria, perhaps they'll look into the reason why and find joy in themselves.

And why the smile? What am I so grateful for? Well, for starters:
  • I haven't put gas in my car for going on 3 weeks. I haven't used it much and haven't needed to. The freedom from trying to time my gas purchase before the price arbitrarily shoots up has become a renewing source of gratitude.
  • I own an umbrella. I never saw the use for umbrellas before because I was going from house to carport or parking garage to work's front door. A few drops was all I ever experienced. Now I get to walk in the rain and experience the healing power of the spring/summer shower.
  • The public library is right across the street. A vast store house of knowledge that doesn't come with a sales clerk wonder if you're browsing or buying.
  • I stop for coffee on the way to work. Before, if I had a smidgen of time, I had to hope the drive-thru wasn't backed up and that wherever I went had easy on/off highway access. Now I stop at a genuine coffee shop or bakery for genuine coffee and a bagel or if I'm feeling adventurous, a pastry I've never tried before. I'd much rather do that than go for mass produced coffee-like products and some high fat sandwich that's invariably egg-based.
  • I greet people. Everyone is on their way somewhere and I get the chance to wish them well, rather than being trapped in a car and wondering if the person in the other car is paying attention to the road.
  • I get to walk to work. During my walk, I can use breath or sound to bring myself present and I can think of all the things I'm grateful for during the stroll.

Is this life for everyone? That would be your decision but this is the life that works for me and that's the real point. This is something I've dreamed of and wanted to make happen and now it is my daily reality. You can create your own reality. Use the Law of Attraction, approach from the standpoint of gratitude and live the life you want.

And did you know the steps that will lead you to the life you want can begin today?

Consider that gratitude point number one.

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