Thursday, August 20, 2009


It's Move In Day at my daughter's college, part of the Welcome Weekend celebration. While I would be spending the day fitting all my junk into the small studio apartment she's moving into, she would rather apply time to other pursuits.


She is enamored with the blue and silver color scheme and has been for as long as I can remember. The first time she mentioned it was when she wanted Christmas presents for her room and she wanted everything to be blue and silver. I wondered if this really was an 8 year old saying this with authority. She got what she wanted.

Back to the present. She went on a shopping hunt to get a new bike to make it easier to travel around campus and she needed a blue comforter to fit a full size bed (a luxury in college - I got a twin). The majority of the afternoon was spent at various big box stores trying to get what she wanted, keeping me in the loop with regular updates. That's probably the newness of college. She had already moved out and spent the summer at a dorm/apartment, but this is a real studio apartment of her very own.

At one store she found the comforter she wanted, but it was for a twin bed. On one of her later updates, she called me from the parking lot telling me about the bike she got at the last store she visited. Then she told me she was going to see if this store to see if they had the right comforter. Then she stopped herself and said, "they do have it." I could hear the smile in her voice because she knew that I knew she was manifesting using the Law of Attraction.

She called back a little later. "I got it."

But I already knew she did.

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