Monday, September 14, 2009

Claiming It

We got a call that a friend of the family was involved in an accident. Turns out, it was more than that. At the hospital, we started getting the details. Our friend is a motorcycle rider and he slammed into a truck who was making a turn but should have yielded the right of way. The driver said that he didn't see him so our friend hit the side of the truck head first.

He wore a helmet, but not a face guard. In this state, helmets are not required so to know that he wore one provided a brief relief for us until we heard the grim circumstances. Since he was not wearing a guard, he fractured many facial bones and has some damage in one eye. The doctors could see some bleeding in the brain and it seemed like his whole body was experiencing swelling. The concern on the faces of his fiance, his family and his friends was palpable.

As we spent time in the waiting room, a curious thing happened. I've seen it before, but only now did I pay attention. Everyone wanted to be in the limited space of the trauma suite. The hospital, the largest, best trauma center in the region, explained that the doctors and nurses were working on the patient and that we all had to be in the family waiting room. The night grew busier for the hospital but in that room, two of the fiance's family members talked about how the hospital they worked for wouldn't make them wait and how they didn't appreciate the fact that not everyone was allowed to roam where they wanted. Everyone seemed impatient with the clerk who only tried to explain that they had a lot of cases and that they were doing what they could.

Then the gathered assembly was told that we would have to vacate the family waiting room because the hospital was going to need it as an overflow triage station. The negative energy eventually sent me from the room. I've always felt that my positivity could counteract vibes like that, but the strength of the animosity drove me away. The selfishness already on display grew worse. Weren't we there for our friend?

A pastor visited and said a prayer with the family, but I opted out in favor of my own prayer. When I heard the pastor performing during the prayer, I wanted to take our friends recovery in my own hands. Preaching as if you were in the pulpit didn't feel appropriate so I wanted to claim it for Ronny. What I claimed was speedy, complete recovery. Prayer, Law of Attraction, the label is unimportant. I asked God, Allah, the Universal Spirit for a return to health for our friend.

To say that I couldn't leave the hospital fast enough is to understate the case. By claiming the recovery with grateful thoughts, we can ensure success.

A week later, our friend left the hospital. One side is still a bit weak on one side because it bore the brunt of the impact, but we left under his own power. The swelling continues to recede and he is own his way to the complete recovery we asked for. True, he's doing to hard work, living through the pain and arranging the physical therapy, but we claimed it.

And it is happening.

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