Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pulling Us Down

In the last few weeks I have found my positivity being challenged like never before. No matter where I go, the collective negative energy weighs on me, increasing by the day. Are you finding this to be true as well?

My perception? My negative acquaintances now outweigh my positive, light-seeking friends. It's not on purpose. Most of the time, those who are a positive influence are being subjected to the same bad vibes I'm feeling and it put all that dark energy into them. Given a choice, I feel those friends would prefer the light as they had before.

I could tick off the causes
  • financial situations
  • unemployment
  • the politics of the health care debate
  • the weather
  • workloads
There are more, but you get my point. There is an extraordinary amount of downward pressure being applied to the world at large.

But we still have so much to be thankful for, collectively and individually. You know the things the give you good vibes. For the human community at large, we can be grateful (and express our gratitude) for a multitude of gifts given to us every day:
  • arising in the morning
  • light
  • breath
  • children
  • the music of human speech
You can add those to the individual things you are grateful for and, by doing so, scatter and dissipate the negative energy in your immediate area. If enough of us do that, we can make it go away and stop affecting the people we care about as well.

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