Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Return of the Positive

The current level of negativity in America has reached new highs and I haven't been able to fathom why. We are in an age where we are technologically so advanced that we can connect with each other at nearly the speed of thought. How many times have you updated your status on Facebook and gotten 10 responses in the first few minutes.

We have a president that espouses the audacity of hope and has put together an administration that reflects the broader view of the real America – moreso than any administration in history.

Do you want to be a published writer? Spend 15 dollars and put together a website where you can share your musings with the world. That's where this site sprang up. I have been on a spiritual journey and I wanted to share that with you in the hopes that you or I might gain insight into the search for the Universal Truth.

And yet, the venom from conservative radio talk shows and Fox News is more strident than ever. It's like they're trying to tell you that you shouldn't believe the evidence that things are getting better. Ignore your own experience and listen to only them. Those hosts put everything in ideological or economic terms. “Disagree with me and you hate our country and everything we stand for,” seems to be the cry.

Sadly, there are those that buy into it. They're telling you that the president hasn't kept his campaign promises because the economy didn't get fixed in his first week in office. How dare he tell us that the recovery will be long and hard. It should be quick and easy, like everything in America is supposed to be. Forgot about the fact that the previous administration got us into an endless war, let banks and mortgage companies play fast and loose with money and the truth and didn't do anything to stop it.

But this is the part where we agree. We should make the outcomes move faster and we can, but we're going to need the negativity to cease. Positive thoughts bring positive reactions. Isn't that the Law of Attraction? Isn't that karma? What would happen if more people thought positive things for themselves rather than letting Rush, Beck or O'Reilly do their thinking for them?

The two opposing forces of positivity and negativity would become one might push toward curing the nations ills. Peace could break out, rather than being fought for. Others could see how oxymoronic a statement like that is. How do you “fight” for “peace?”

Would you like to attract peace and prosperity? It's easy. Come to God in gratitude and reshape your world. The Universe will move what it needs to give you what you truly want, as long as you stay grateful and know, really know, what you want.

Stay positive and grateful and get the good things that life has in store for you.

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