Friday, October 4, 2013

After careful consideration...

Has it really been since 2009 since I’ve updated this website? That’s the question I ask myself every year since I last wrote something new. When the renewal of the domain came up, I couldn’t bring myself to let it go. The Prophet Within still means something to me but it took until now to discover what that was.

It started as a spiritual exploration and journey with parameters put on it that no longer apply. I wanted to keep the posts to 500 words but in retrospect, why was I doing that? Why couldn’t a post be shorter or longer? And where are the photos? I’m a freelance writer and photographer, but I never showed my pictures. That made even less sense.

The debate raged within about what to do with the old archive. Life changed considerably including divorce, custody battles, a stroke, the loss of my parents and the death of my mother-in-law. She got considerable space on this site as we dealt with her issues and my denial that quite a few of them were triggered by my then-wife. That held back my positive spiritual growth.

In the end, I thought it’s really time to start fresh. I have to deal with the ex, but there’s a reason that her title starts with “ex.” Posts that have nothing to do with her will remain. It’s another way to exorcise the negativity associated with the mess that was created.

So as I figure what to do here, I kind of envision a more elastic document. It will be illustrated which is the biggest change. There were be short as well as long articles. Some thoughts will be long, considered and explored. Others will be quick hits as they come to me. And it will be filled with my unleashed gratitude as well as any insights that I may be blessed with receiving.

It’s still about unlocking the Prophet Within.

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