Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cleaning up



I’m having blockages caused by toxins. Not always physical even though some are caused by ingestible substances. Some come from mentally hazardous situations. Some from poisonous people.


In order for me to get to a healthy state, one I haven’t seen in too many years, the toxins must go.

I can start right now. Take refined sugar. One way to detoxify life is to tell white sugar to take a hike and take its cousin high fructose corn syrup with it. I don’t think that will be the end of it, though. We consume so much hidden sugar we don’t even realize. In his book Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, author Michael Moss told the world about the “bliss point.”

That bliss point is the place where the combination of salt, sugar and fat come together to turn a food into an addiction. How better to create junkies? I don’t use that term lightly because some health experts say sugar addiction is akin to heroin.

Is there any wonder why tobacco giant RJ Reynolds, who kills us with cigarette addiction, bought Nabisco? Hooking people on things that will eventually cause them health problems is what they specialize in.

Salt and fat do their part is poisoning us, too. None of the Big Three will go away because this is America and we tend to let the big money people have their way. However, cutting way, way back will be that first step for me.

But it’s actually not a first step. Viewed over years, the first step was getting divorced from the biggest toxic influence ever. We have a son, so she’s not totally gone, but he lives with me now and she has had very little to do with him. With her, if you’re out of a controllable range, she loses interest. It happened with her eldest offspring, too.

During the split, I also lost a career in the media due to pettiness: a boss who was supposed to look after me but was instead lost in his own ego. My stations won the ratings battles. No station he has ever programmed had even sniffed at the top of the numbers. I should have seen it coming, but trust can be misplaced when the demon wears an angels face.

Reading back over the last paragraph, I wanted to make sure my own ego, intensely bruised at the time, wasn’t clouding the point I wanted to get across because the words look like they are. But they’re true. It’s a nutshell version of what happened. After all, I resisted firing a woman that boss wanted me to fire because he had a personality clash with her.

I resisted firing another worker they didn’t like. They said he was too old. A year later with me, out of the way, they did fire him but told him it was the ratings, which was a lie because the ratings were fine. After I found out that worker had a long term affair with my then wife, my sympathy wasn’t there. And that is a full-on egoic statement. Despite my trying to be a bigger spirit, I have to own that one. As I detox, my stance is less harsh.

So as you can see, it won’t be easy. But it is necessary. Poisons are stunting my spiritual growth. It’s time for them to be gone.

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